Our Mission

Hello friend, you are most welcome.
Thank you for visiting our website. This has been a dream of ours for over 3 years, and we are so proud and humbled to now be leaning into our dream and to opening up our online store. 
The Refillables was a dream that was realised during the pandemic, the dream was to offer waste-free grocery options to the people on the UAE who are wanting to do better for the Planet. 
Roll forward 3 years, we now have our website open and we are ready to stock products from across the world that are:
- Toxic-free
- Waste-free / stored in biodegradable packaging
- Can replace your existing toxic filled, plastic essentials 
We are so excited to see where this journey will take us, and may you continue to lean into our mission to make every home in the UAE a plastic-free home.


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