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Coming Soon • Vision Board Party

Coming Soon • Vision Board Party

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Did u know that 60% of your decisions are actually based off of what you are visually exposed to and marketed to?

Did you know that you could consciously choose something, but your subconscious actually makes the real decisions based on your past life experiences, patterns, fears and conditioning?

Vision Board work is so special because it brings your attention and energy to what you actually want, not to what you are conditioned to want.

However, did you know that Vision Board work doesn’t work when;

- There is a deep rooted unworthiness within

- You are creating your Vision Board in the wrong frequency of energy

- You are not aligned to your highest best ..

Within our Vision Board party, we dive into the above and unleash your true life’s vision ..  

We will unblock  

We will plan  

We will create 

We will dream ..

Ready for it all to become your reality 

Next Vision Board Party: Date TBC

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