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Dog Lick

Dog Lick • Lick Mat

Dog Lick • Lick Mat

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Good dogs deserve good treats, so why not spoil your furry friend with a Dog Lick Mat? Combining nutrition and play, this product is a tail-wagging delight.

- Promotes Slow Feeding
- Reduces Stress & Anxiety
- Acts As A Distraction and Stimulates
- BPA Free/Non Toxic
- Dishwasher Safe

When to use:
- To give your dog extra nutrients and goodness
- When your dog is anxious or bored.
- When your pet has fast-eating behaviour causing indigestion.
- To expel extra energy for those high-energy puppy days.
- Freeze treats on the lick Mat to keep your furry friend entertained for 15min.

Made with love in South Africa.

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