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4-Hour Womb Healing • 26th November 2023

4-Hour Womb Healing • 26th November 2023

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Why is Womb Healing Important?

In our womb we create:

- Babies and

- Ideas ..

The womb energy allows us to simply be:

Be the embodiment of our full and best selves

2 Energies Can Block This Creation:

1. The energy of unworthiness: whether it’s from ourselves or other’s actions (intentional or unintentional)

2. The energy we carry of pain: miscarriages, a bad sexual energy exchange, family trauma

When we heal our womb we create the canvas of our soul to truly be your full, magnificent self.

If you are on the fence of whether or not this event is for you, we truly invite you to lean in - Womb healing is more powerful than any manifesting tool we have applied or ever taught .. it’s pure magic.

You can expect a deep healing experience guided through breath work, forgiveness and activations .. all in a very safe space of our community.

This event is open to both Men and Woman, and there are limited spaces available.

Time: 9:45am to begin at 10am 

Location: Dubai Marina

What to bring: your journal, a pen, water, an open heart and mind and wear comfortable clothes

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